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Knoxville Regional
Transportation Planning Organization

400 Main St, Suite 403
Knoxville, TN 37902

phone: (865) 215-2500
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Regional Growth Concept

Grow New Centers

The New Centers concept focuses on growing the region's cities and towns, as well as creating identity in today's suburban places by redeveloping aging commercial areas with both businesses, homes and adjacent neighborhoods that are a short bike or walk way.

Regional Forum SeriesRegional Forum Series


Growth is balanced between the region’s cities, towns, and suburban communities. New homes and jobs create centers of activity containing a mix of housing, shops and services that are connected by several types of transportation. Regional transit connects the centers and local transit is improved.

New Centers Regional Growth Concept Map

View a conceptual map showing how expected new population and jobs might be added to the region under a New Centers growth pattern and the transportation improvements required to support it.


  • Different housing types are found throughout cities, towns and centers. Some new subdivisions are developed in the suburban and rural areas and large-lot homes in rural areas.
  • Most new homes and jobs are located in areas with both businesses and homes.
  • Local transit is improved, and a regional transit network is created to connect centers with cities and towns by express bus.
  • Investments in wider sidewalks and bike lanes are made in high growth areas (cities, towns and major roads connecting new centers). There are limited improvements in rural areas.
  • Most farmland, open space, steep slope and floodplain areas remain as they are today.
  • Live New homes are primarily located within existing cities and towns and include apartments, townhouses and detached single-family houses. Many neighborhoods in urban areas and new centers contain a mix of retail, offices, schools, parks and public spaces. Other neighborhoods are separated from employment and commercial areas but have sidewalk connections to them.

    Work Jobs are located primarily in urban areas and new centers. Some clusters of jobs are located in business parks in suburban and rural locations.

    Shop New shops and services typically are located along major roads in urban areas (in or near neighborhoods) or within new centers. Some new shopping centers are located in suburban areas.

    Play Regional recreation opportunities (e.g., lakes, rivers and mountains) are accessible by low-frequency transit for most people and for communities with waterfront parks. Many local parks, greenways and recreation centers are within or close to neighborhoods, with sidewalks and transit linking these areas.

    Getting Around Multiple types of transportation (car, bus, walk and/or bicycle) are available for most people. Some neighborhoods are within walking or biking distance to jobs, school, shops and services; most others have access to local or regional transit to those locations. Schools serve smaller areas of the region, and many children have the option to walk or bike to school. People in suburban and rural areas can use park-and-ride express bus transit to access jobs and shopping areas. Greenways are used for recreation and for getting to work.

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