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How We Grow Matters: Results from PlanET’s Third Round of Public Input

Posted 05/22/2013

PlanET’s third round of public input was held in March and April. Participants showed a strong desire to improve air and water quality and expand local agriculture as the region grows.

More than 900 people participated in round three of PlanET’s Regional Outreach Series and the results could not be clearer: issues relating to protecting the environment, redeveloping land and increasing transportation options dominated the discussion.

Participants were asked to consider the expected growth rate of 300,000 people in 30 years as they provided input in two areas: growth priorities and regional growth concepts. The majority showed a strong preference for growth patterns that strengthen cities and small towns, create quality suburban centers and preserve farmland.

In the growth priorities exercise, a list of 13 issues that would be affected by future growth was provided and participants were asked to select the five most important from that list. The top three issues identified were water quality, air quality and local agriculture.

There was a small variation between age groups. Among the nearly the nearly 300 area high school students who took the survey, these three issues rose clearly above all others. For respondents over the age of 18, three additional issues also emerged: opportunities for walking and bicycling, convenient transit and land redevelopment.

With the priorities identified, participants were next asked to review four growth concepts, compare them to a 30-year projection of the current growth trend, and identify which one they preferred. Across the region, the most strongly favored concepts were ones that focused growth within the region’s cities and small towns, and in dynamic suburban centers where both housing and jobs could be congregated.

This more balanced approach, with development in urban areas, small towns and suburban communities, was strongly favored over continued growth exclusively in lower density suburban styles.

In the next round of public input, scheduled to begin on May 28, PlanET will build on the outcomes of these exercises and ask residents to identify the best ways to make their goals a reality.

To review findings from round 3 or to learn how to participate in round 4, see the PlanET website at http://www.planeasttn.org/Participate/RegionalOutreachSeries/Series3.

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