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Residents Weigh-In on Top Regional Objectives During PlanET Input Round 4

Posted 07/25/2013

A clean environment and healthy people were among the top regional goals identified during PlanET’s fourth round of input

Stronger towns, healthier people, a more competitive economy and better transportation and housing choices.

If you had to sum it up in a few words, those would be the ones that best describe residents’ vision for the East Tennessee region. During PlanET’s fourth round of community input, more than 450 people shared their ideas about how to make those goals a reality.

Using the feedback that was gathered, work will now begin on drafting an action strategy that communities—and the region as a whole—can use as a resource as they seek to implement their vision for 2040.

During the first of a two-part exercise, participants reviewed a set of eight goals and were asked to choose the five that they considered the most important. Clean air and water led the list, followed by healthy people and regional prosperity.

This outcome marks the second consecutive input round in which clean air and water were voted as the top issue. In Round 3, this topic led to a list of 13 priorities for consideration as the region grows by 300,000 people and 240,000 jobs over the next 30 years.

The second part of the activity asked residents to choose the best ways to reach each of the five goals that they had identified. Participants rated their favorite objectives as well. The top-rated objective was to “educate and train local talent” in order to move toward the goal of regional prosperity.

Round 4 Top-Rated Objectives
Objective Goal
Educate and train local talent Regional Prosperity
Encourage activity Healthy People
Redevelop vacant and underutilized land Create Great Places
Preserve our natural filters Clean Air & Water
Grow more efficiently Clean Air & Water
Reduce pollutants Clean Air & Water
Adequately fund infrastructure maintenance Efficient Infrastructure
Create more walking and biking opportunities Transportation Choices

To view the full results, including results from individual Meeting in a Box sessions, visit the PlanET website at planeasttn.org/Series4/.

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