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Knoxville Regional
Transportation Planning Organization

400 Main St, Suite 403
Knoxville, TN 37902

phone: (865) 215-2500
fax: (865) 215-2068

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone help me conduct a Meeting in a Box?

No special training is required to hold a Meeting in a Box with your group and we encourage group facilitators to be members of the group holding the meeting.

As a facilitator, you act as participant in the discussion too. Try to make the meeting relaxed, enjoyable and be sure that everyone has a chance to participate.

Facilitators are available to guide a group through the Meeting in Box process if you is this is not possible. If your group is interested in scheduling a facilitator, please contact us.

How many people should participate

A group of 8-12 participants is the best size for a small group discussion but larger groups can still use a Meeting in a Box. For large groups, participants may want to break into several smaller groups with a notetaker/facilitator assigned to each one. Keep in mind that very small groups may not result in very broad discussion.

How long does a Meeting in a Box Take?

Meeting lengths will vary dependent upon the length of discussion and the amount of time it takes each group to reach a consensus. Most groups should expect to spend at least an hour in completing the exercise.

Where can I obtain printed copies of a “Meeting in Box”?

PlanET staff will provide printed copies of the “Meeting in a Box” packet containing discussion questions, worksheets for participant responses and feedback questionnaires to any group wishing to participate. Contact us to make arrangements.

What happens to the results?

The results for each Meeting in Box exercise are collected by PlanET staff. Results submitted will be used to inform the planning process along with information collected during PlanET Regional Forums.

All information collected will be available for review on on our website.

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