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Regional Outreach Series 1:  Strengths and Challenges

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box focused on the strengths and challenges of the East Tennessee Region and on specific community the participants reside in. Over 200 people from 20 organizations participated in this first round of input gathering via a Meeting in Box.

Download the Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box

Regional Outreach Series 1 Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS1-JDL-0105
Meeting Date: 1/5/2012
Host: Blount County Community Health Initiative (BCCHI)
Group: Table 1
Participants: 7
Community Strengths:
  1. Greenway; Great Smoky Mountains National Park and mountains; Lakes; Esthetics of county.
  2. Good school systems and collegesand educational attainment.
  3. Good sense of connectivity – social and physical; Volunteer spirit.
Regional Strengths:
  1. Tourism and eco-tourism; Parks, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Blueways.
  2. Educational opportunities – higher education; two of the better school systems – Maryville and Oak Ridge.
  3. Regional health system.
Community Challenges:
  1. Education, good school systems but all still have challenges and lack of funding. 
  2. Tax base too low to meet present and future demand. 
  3. Environmental – soil, water and air. 
  4. Determinants of health – air quality; Lack of physical activity (Tennessee last in US). 
Regional Challenges:
  1. Growth Management: metro transportation; bigger city (larger region and US) rail passenger connectivity; urban sprawl. 
  2. Environmental issues that cross boundaries; Maintain environmental solvency – do not deteriorate but improve. 
  3. Education – need to increase graduation rates and workforce preparedness – not just college; increase secondary/college access opportunities. 

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