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Regional Outreach Series 1:  Strengths and Challenges

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box focused on the strengths and challenges of the East Tennessee Region and on specific community the participants reside in. Over 200 people from 20 organizations participated in this first round of input gathering via a Meeting in Box.

Download the Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box

Regional Outreach Series 1 Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: BZA – RFS1-JDL-0202
Meeting Date: 2/2/2012
Host: Blount Planning Commissions
Group: Table 1
Participants: 7
Community Strengths:
  1. Lots of lakes and mountains and recreation; Lakeside environment. 
  2. Business opportunities and growth with responsible attitude
  3. Great place to raise kids – lived here all my life; family values. 
Regional Strengths:
  1. Mountains, lakes and rivers
  2. Regional history (people, and buildings, etc.) in close proximity – strong heritage. 
  3. Excellent place to grow up and return to live
Community Challenges:
  1. Controlled growth while maintaining rural character; Effectively plan growth. 
  2. Highway maintenance/improvement; Capital improvement planning; Infrastructure staying with the character of the community. 
  3. Staying competitive in education
Regional Challenges:
  1. Work together to consider our different planning ideas and efforts – for long range goals;  Better communication between jurisdictions. 
  2. Attract major employers;   Get more people employed.
  3. Infrastructure maintenance

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