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Regional Outreach Series 1:  Strengths and Challenges

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box focused on the strengths and challenges of the East Tennessee Region and on specific community the participants reside in. Over 200 people from 20 organizations participated in this first round of input gathering via a Meeting in Box.

Download the Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box

Regional Outreach Series 1 Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS1-JDL-0206-A
Meeting Date: 2/6/2012
Host: Blount County Chamber Partnership
Group: Table 1
Participants: 8
Community Strengths:
  1. Multiple recreational opportunities indoor and outdoor lake system; variety of outdoor activities; lots of green space; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; UT Sports. 
  2. Large community helping others (various organizations); Generosity of corporate giving; Caring people. 
  3. Grouped comments:  Low property taxes; Low cost of living.  
Regional Strengths:
  1. Our good reputation (schools and retirement); Excellent part of the country to relocate family and business; Quality of life.  
  2. Grouped comments:  Foothills Land Conservancy; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Outdoors – parks, lakes etc.
  3. Strong and diverse economic base; Technical and scientific community; More industry to provide jobs; Agricultural base. 
  4. Reworking some of the road systems; Reasonable transportation system – roads, airports etc.; Ease of access.
Community Challenges:
  1. Traffic of Alcoa Highway – safety;  Road system and infrastructure improvement; Increase funding for roads and infrastructure. 
  2. Smart growth in gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park – no Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge - yes Townsend; Stricter zoning regulations.
  3. Property housekeeping – junk; Better litter control; Protect our rural landscape. 
  4. Ideas to improve school system expenses; Increase funding of public education; Improve our public school systems.
Regional Challenges:
  1. High paying jobs; Business friendly atmosphere – create jobs; Incentives and enticements for business to locate here. 
  2. Work together with other counties towards improvements benefits the whole region; Combine services where appropriate – across counties. 
  3. Improvements to road systems; Traffic control; Mass transportation.

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