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Regional Outreach Series 1:  Strengths and Challenges

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box focused on the strengths and challenges of the East Tennessee Region and on specific community the participants reside in. Over 200 people from 20 organizations participated in this first round of input gathering via a Meeting in Box.

Download the Outreach Series 1 Meeting in Box

Regional Outreach Series 1 Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS1-JDL-0206-B
Meeting Date: 2/6/2012
Host: Keep Blount Beautiful Board
Group: Table 1
Participants: 6
Community Strengths:
  1. Geographic location – transportation, close proximity to five counties and larger eastern US; Very convenient airport. 
  2. Scenic beauty – greenways, parks, open space, lakes, mountains.
  3. Hospitable people – family oriented – friendly atmosphere – good temperament. 
Regional Strengths:
  1. Esthetically pleasing – nature and country; Scenic beauty – greenways, parks, open space; Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 
  2. Good infrastructure and services – road, schools, hospitals, utilities. 
  3. Good temperate climate – 4 seasons.
  4. Can get away from it all – but also access modern amenities.
Community Challenges:
  1. Preservation of scenic beauty – balance with growth.
  2. Attracting new economic opportunities. 
  3. Litter control and enforcement. 
  4. Traffic planning.
  5. Affordable housing and home ownership.
Regional Challenges:
  1. Preserve natural resources and rural nature and scenic beauty. 
  2. Promote business friendly environment; Employment opportunity; Attract new business and economic opportunity. 
  3. Public transportation choices; Strategic planning for traffic and transportation. 

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