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Regional Outreach Series 2:  Aspirations for 2040

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 2 Meeting in a box is designed to encourage group conversation about the future residents want to see for the region. It then asks participants to prioritize ideas for a regional vision and finally to identify how these future priorities will apply to individual communities.

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Regional Outreach Series Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS2-DLG-0507
Meeting Date: 5/7/2012
Host: Dave Gartner
Group: Council of Involved Neighborhoods (COIN)
Participants: 8
Facilitator: Dave Gartner
Economy and Workforce: Regional education system to be ranked nationally in the top quartile for both secondary and post-secondary education in order to be recognized as an entrepreneurial engine.
Transportation and Infrastructure: Chain of interconnected cultural attractions integrated within the natural environment.
Housing and Neighborhoods: Diverse commercial neighborhood centers within walking distance of residential areas.
Healthy Communities: Affordable and available healthcare for everyone (including treatments).
Environment: 1. Attractive and healthy built and natural environment.
2. Chain of interconnected cultural attractions integrated within the natural  environment.
Additional Comments:

Exercise B
How your community will be part of a regional vision

Oakwood/Lincoln Park:  All neighborhood residents will be employed and will have the opportunity to walk to where they need to go (work, shopping, etc.) – and because of increased exercise through walking…more people will be fit and communities will become more integrated.

Island Home: More <younger> families would remain in the neighborhood and not have to move to have access to better education system.  Neighborhoods could enjoy the river (through “river taxis”) – and use alternate transportation.

Old Sevier: There will be more parks and a revitalization of Sevier Ave.

Inskip: There will be more green space, trees, playgrounds, and less apartments – no more problems due to drug abuse/use

City of Knoxville: Improved environment would keep homes occupied – helping to solve the homeless problem & no more families would be moving away because of the quality of education available

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