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Regional Outreach Series 2:  Aspirations for 2040

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 2 Meeting in a box is designed to encourage group conversation about the future residents want to see for the region. It then asks participants to prioritize ideas for a regional vision and finally to identify how these future priorities will apply to individual communities.

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Regional Outreach Series Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS2-BEH-0625
Meeting Date: 6/25/2012
Host: Brian Hann
Group: Appalachian Mountain Bike Club
Participants: Table 4 - 10
Facilitator: Tim Kuhn
Economy and Workforce:
  1. Improve connections between UT & ORNL
  2. Better connections between 2 year secondary schools and other 4 year institutions with credit transfers and distance learning options
Transportation and Infrastructure:
  1. Invest in improved signal timings and other intelligent transportation systems to reduce pollution & traffic congestion
  2. Better connected street system for all modes of travel with reduced dead ends
Housing and Neighborhoods:
  1. Build community by focusing on the quality of life of existing residents, not just making the community attractive to new jobs
  2. Develop density where we ought to have density such as unique high density districts accessible to all modes of transportation
Healthy Communities:
  1. Expand the Legacy Parks model to other counties for open-space protection and enhanced public access to healthy amenities that improve access to physical activity
  2. Solve the drug addiction problem
  1. Improve public access to the Tennessee River by providing more access points decreasing non-point source pollution into the river
  2. Develop East Tennessee as an active recreation destination
Additional Comments: Healthy Communities:
 - Look to other regions for their success stories and other tried and true means of improving health and activity
 - Unique urban destinations that serve outdoor recreationists
 - Promote Knoxville as an outdoors destination
 - Invest in improved signal timings and intelligent transportation systems to reduce congestion & air pollution

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