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Regional Outreach Series 2:  Aspirations for 2040

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 2 Meeting in a box is designed to encourage group conversation about the future residents want to see for the region. It then asks participants to prioritize ideas for a regional vision and finally to identify how these future priorities will apply to individual communities.

Download the Outreach Series 2 Meeting in Box

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Regional Outreach Series Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS2-LK-0614
Meeting Date: 6/14/2012
Host: Leonard Knight
Group: Entrepreneurs of Knoxville
Participants: 13
Facilitator: Ken Poole
Economy and Workforce:
Group did not have time to prioritize Economy & Workforce visions. 
All shared visions are listed below:
  • More vocational opportunities
  • More support for small businesses and entrepreneurship (including more education on business development at all local levels – including middle and high school)
  • Smaller colleges and schools will be more popular – larger colleges will continue to increase tuition costs
  • College will cost less
  • Well-paid teachers
  • TV/Internet content creation will be a large industry as well as tech transfer & research
  • UTK will have grown in reputation
  • Thriving/diverse downtowns
  • Powerful, well-respected tech corridor
  • More diverse job/career opportunities
  • Highly educated workforce with excellent skills and mindsets – including more incubators for entrepreneurs
  • More support of non-tech small businesses
  • Use of more internet/social media tools to promote the area
  • Long-range career training and job growth
  • Tax incentives for better educational options
  • Moving workforce toward needed areas of employment – educate students to fill needs of the region
  • Strong economy with wealthy/prosperous cities
  • Balanced budgets with any surplus money
  • Increase business growth – bring more businesses to the area 
Transportation and Infrastructure: Group did not have time to prioritize Transportation & Infrastructure visions. 
All shared visions are listed below:
  • Green roofs
  • New models for neighborhoods and shopping centers that incorporate the ability to walk and bike
  • Better public transportation, with ultimately a rail system.
  • Sidewalks
  • Trains to all areas
  • Add lighting to streets
  • Self-guided electric vehicles
  • Transportation will be cleaner and faster
  • Larger fleet of buses & routes
  • Clean, safe and public transportation
  • Safer 129/Alcoa Hwy
  • Better parking downtown
  • Light rail (affordable) between Gatlinburg, Knoxville and Chattanooga
  • Repurpose South side of river in downtown Knoxville
  • Satellite communities that are all inclusive (all basic services provided)
  • More physical transportation options
  • Safer traveling for bikes/walking/running

Housing and Neighborhoods: Group did not have time to prioritize Housing & Neighborhood visions. 
All shared visions are listed below:
  • More sidewalks
  • Physical Education in schools
  • Safe places for children to play
  • Shopping within walking distance of neighborhoods
  • Greenways & bike trails
  • Sidewalks
  • Additional pools & gyms
  • Add lighting to streets
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • More people in downtown - thriving/diverse
  • Variety of neighborhoods
  • Fix housing in poorer neighborhoods – and providing grocery stores nearby
  • Smaller neighborhood centric  - elementary schools
  • Affordable housing in revitalized neighborhoods
  • Healthier communities through walking/running/biking
  • More downtown developments (both business & residential)
Healthy Communities: Group did not have time to prioritize Healthy Community visions. 
All shared visions are listed below:
  • Solve the obesity crisis (will take individuals, communities, government, businesses and the medical community) – will probably take 20-30 years to see progress
  • More effective use of medical services and an overall healthier community
  • Healthy weight
  • High quality care availability
  • Better greenways
  • More sidewalks and safe street crossings, ability to walk and bike
  • Proactive, inexpensive health clinics
  • Community center with educational programs via the internet
  • Programs within the community to educate on healthy lifestyles
  • Promote people power! And make it an easy option
Environment: Group did not have time to prioritize Environment visions. 
All shared visions are listed below:
  • Better air quality
  • Healthy water
  • More green space
  • Control of UT campus “party environment” by authorities
  • Protect watersheds
  • Green power options that are affordable
  • Shorten commutes from home to work
Additional Comments:

What will make people want to stay, more to, or visit the region?

  • Jobs
  • A good natural environment
  • Healthy economy
  • Reasonable cost of living
  • Southern culture & arts

Other issues related to the future of the region?

  • We are among the unhealthiest, most obese states.  This is having a profoundly negative impact on productivity, longevity, and medical costs – not to mention “branding” for the region.
  • Education! (pre-K through high school)

My community will experience these benefits from working to achieve a regional vision:

Ideas for working with self-employed creative people to help them grow their local, handmade businesses to grow the local economy.  Create local – buy local and so forth!

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