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Knoxville Regional
Transportation Planning Organization

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Knoxville, TN 37902

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Regional Outreach Series 2:  Aspirations for 2040

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 2 Meeting in a box is designed to encourage group conversation about the future residents want to see for the region. It then asks participants to prioritize ideas for a regional vision and finally to identify how these future priorities will apply to individual communities.

Download the Outreach Series 2 Meeting in Box

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Regional Outreach Series Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS2-JDL-0710
Meeting Date: 7/10/2012
Host: John K. Rogers
Group: Baker-Nine Mile Watershed Group
Participants: 5
Facilitator: John Lamb
Economy and Workforce:
  1. Diverse set of employment opportunities – industrial, retail, etc.
  2. a. Additional vocational/specialized training from public/private entities,
    b. Coordination of like issues/resources across jurisdictions
  3. (Voting was tied.)
Transportation and Infrastructure:
  1. Will need to address whole of our infrastructure (invest to improve and maintain)
  2. Improved road capacity and flow management to address specific demands
Housing and Neighborhoods:
  1. a. Neighborhoods built like villages with integrated (mixed) uses and levels of living/housing opportunities;
    b. Integrated/balanced system of villages/towns/cities both planned and retrofitted
  2. (Voting was tied.)
Healthy Communities:
  1. a. Lack of assisted living facilities and care providers
    b. Potential for being healthier with improved medical technology (but may be countered by lifestyle issues)
    c. Focus on lifestyle improvements; Recognition of healthy lifestyle option will actually change behavior leading to healthier people with change of medical industry approach
  2. (Voting was tied.)
  1. Cleaner water and cleaner air; Air quality will still be a major issue
  2. a. More green space and walking paths to enjoy environment
    b. Land conservancy expanded
    c. People more aware and involved and behaving appropriately
  3. (Voting was tied.)
Additional Comments: Why will people want to stay, move to, or visit the region? (no voting - no rankings)
• Aesthetics, natural beauty and job opportunities
• Better than any place else
• riendliness
• Climate
• Natural environment and Great Smoky Mountains National Park
• Both big and medium sized city options
• Quality of life
• Tourism attractions, e.g., Dollywood
• University of Tennessee athletics

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