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Regional Outreach Series 2:  Aspirations for 2040

Meeting in a Box

Outreach Series 2 Meeting in a box is designed to encourage group conversation about the future residents want to see for the region. It then asks participants to prioritize ideas for a regional vision and finally to identify how these future priorities will apply to individual communities.

Download the Outreach Series 2 Meeting in Box

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Regional Outreach Series Meeting in a Box Results

Meeting Code: RFS2-KB-0711
Meeting Date: 7/11/2012
Host: Oak Ridge Community Development
Group: City Council of Oak Ridge & City Boards
Participants: Table 1 - 7
Facilitator: Claudia Lever
Economy and Workforce:
  1. Lack of diverse employment options
  2. Disparity in educational attainment
Transportation and Infrastructure:
  1. Small, electric, commuter vehicles
  2. Family vehicles will still be the primary form of transportation
Housing and Neighborhoods:
  1. Mixed use neighborhoods will re-emerge
  2. More parks, trees, greenways and local codes will help to limit cutting of necessary vegetation
Healthy Communities:
  1. Adopting healthier lifestyles – exercise, nutrition, eating locally
  2. Shift in focus to preventative health care
  1. Protect clean water and improve handling of run-off
  2. Preserve lands that are already set aside as reservations (UT Arboretum)
Additional Comments: Why will people want to stay, move to or visit the region?
  • We will have to provide more retail and affordable housing opportunities to attract a younger population
  • Natural beauty
  • Affordable housing
  • High-paying jobs
  • Don’t want things to change
  • Education system
  • Weather
  • Aesthetics
  • People will stay because they do not have the means or education to leave
  • People will also stay because the quality of life for the middle class is good
  • Recreational opportunities

Other issues related to the region?
  • Work on connecting the Council/Commissions and Boards together
  • Air & Water Quality
  • Distance between each region (town & cities)

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