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Anderson County Bus Tour

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
12:15 p.m.

Detailed Tour Itenary

Anderson County tour begins from Union County
Travel: via State Route 61
Welcome / Lunch: Museum of Appalachia
Travel: via Park Lane
Highlight: Anderson County Park
Travel: via Park Lane and Red Hill Road
Highlight: Norris
Travel: via Red Hill Road and Norris Freeway
Highlight: Norris Lake Dam
Travel: via Norris Freeway
Highlight: Lake City (Main Avenue, Fourth Street, Glenn Avenue, Golda Avenue, and Industrial Park Road Corridors)
Travel: via US Route 25W, Longmire Road, State Route 61, and JD Yarnell Parkway
Highlight: Eagle Bend Industrial Park in Clinton
Travel: via Eagle Bend Road, Market Street, Main Street, and Broad Street
Highlight: Downtown Clinton (Market Street) and Green McAdoo Center
Travel: via State Route 95
Highlight: Jackson Square (Oak Ridge)
Travel: via Pennsylvania Avenue, Hillside Road, and Highland Avenue
Stop: Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge
Travel: via Outer Drive and Illinois Avenue
Highlight: Oak Ridge Mall
Travel: via Illinois Avenue, Pellissippi Parkway, and Interstate 40
Anderson County tour ends at Downtown Knoxville
Meeting: October 13, 4:00 pm at New Hope Center
602 Scarboro Road, Oak Ridge


Anderson County Bus Tour Photos
Anderson County Bus Tour
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
Anderson County Bus Tour
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
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