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Regional Outreach Series 2: Aspirations for 2040

Knox County Meeting 1





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April 25, 2012, 6:30 p.m.

South Doyle Middle School
3900 Decatur Drive, Knoxville

The first Forum Series 2 meeting for Knox County was held in the cafeteria of South Doyle Middle School. Working in small groups, the 45 participants shared their visions for East Tennessee in the areas of economy and workforce, transportation, healthy communities, neighborhoods and the environment. After an initial brainstorming session each group’s top ideas were submitted to the forum as a whole. Participants then used real-time polling to vote for the ideas they viewed as most important in each focus area.

Keypad Polling Results

Once the top ideas from each small group had been gathered, they were presented to all meeting attendees for voting.  Keypad voting technology was used to capture preferences as participants were asked to vote for their top three vision-related ideas in the five focus areas. Basic demographic information was also gathered to help gauge the makeup of the meeting attendees for comparison against the region as a whole.

 Download Keypad Polling Results

Small Group Ideas

Working in groups of six to eight, participants selected their top two ideas that described what they would like East Tennessee to be like in 2040. The documents below serve as both a record of the two most important ideas identified by each table and as a catalog of ideas not selected by members of each small group..

 Download the Small Group Ideas organized by table

 Download the Small Group Ideas organized by focus area

Knox County Forum 2 Photos
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